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 Uni-ware IT Solutions & Support

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Uni-ware covers various software and hardware services. We sell brand PCs from respected suppliers providing the best efficiency that suits your business requirements with the best prices provided in the local market. Through our delivery service we provide maintenance to PCs in house and guarantying the highest levels of security to our clients data.

For big and medium business, Uni-ware's highly equipped engineers team provide network implementations as well as rearrange office's network nodes and cables. In addition, Uni-ware is also responsible for supporting and installing several operating systems like "windows, Mac…etc". Uni-ware's ultimate goal is helping in the growth of our valuable clients business; the company provides upgrading environments from workgroup environment to server –client environment. We are also capable of upgrading printing pool environment and connecting all branches in one network. Moreover Uni-ware takes care of your business image outdoor as well as the efficiency of your business in door through designing and hosting your business website. Finally with great accuracy Uni-ware built powerful data-base applications to improve the flow of the business and data accessibility.

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Phone: 002-0100-0921352
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Uni-ware IT Solutions & Support
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